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Hardware industry labeling successful cases

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      Problems encountered by customers: 1. Delayed efficiency of customers leads to overstock of goods and outsourcing of products. 2. High labor intensity of personnel operation. 3. High requirements on products (no scratches on the surface)
Hardware labeling machine
      In order to improve the customer‘s production capacity and quality of the protection of a small hardware labeling machine, specially designed a labeling machine. Currently, customers manually label 5 to 10 products per minute. Label by 5 people. After being installed on the automatic labeling machine, the human labor cost is greatly reduced. At present, the automatic labeling machine can post about 20-40 stickers per minute, reducing the labor intensity of employees. Customer product scratch also through the corresponding process to help customers solve.
Hardware label machine
      The equipment can be equipped with an optional marking machine or an inkjet to the labeling module, which can print the production date, LOT number, barcode and other information on the label. Various marking machines can be configured to the conveyor belt, so as to print the production date, LOT number, barcode,QR code and other information on the product before or after labeling. It is widely used in toy, plastic, electronics, mobile phone, hardware, food, daily chemical, medicine and other industries. Man-machine interface is adopted to make the operation more humanized, which can reduce the labor input, reduce the production cost of the enterprise, and solve the problem of shortage of good helpers.
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