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Successful case of high precision plane labeling machine

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      The high-precision plane labeling machine is a plane labeling machine customized for hardware non-standard parts. It is mainly composed of high-precision sucking head, adjustable fixture, screw slide table, high-end photoelectric detection and electrical control center. It is developed by shenzhen bogao logo labeling machine manufacturer.
Case of plane labeling machine
      Name of this equipment: high precision plane labeling machine, model BG922
      The hardware labeling requirements: each hardware shall be labeled in the corresponding position with the accuracy within ±0.3mm. After the labeling is completed, the product shall be put into the customer‘s product material box, and the next process shall continue. The speed shall not be lower than 10 seconds/piece.
      Scope of application: high precision labeling requirements, flat, irregular, shaped products. Can be used in hardware, mold, electronics, manufacturing and other industries, or other industries.
      The following is the detailed explanation of the labeling process of high-precision hardware:
      The material tower of manually pre-loaded workpiece is placed on the machine feeding device → press the start button → automatic feeding by the machine → automatic marking → automatic labeling → automatic 180 degree reversal → automatic discharging → automatic box loading → automatic multi-station automatic box loading equipment with automatic labeling and stacking.
      Equipment features:
      1. Precision head attachment mechanism, high precision small label, accuracy up to plus or minus 0.3mm;
      2. Non-standard customization, specially designed to meet the high precision labeling requirements of irregular and irregular products;
      3, high performance equipment, high-end configuration, simple operation, and very affordable.
      This high precision plane labeling machine, can be attached to the hardware samples, for other irregular plane products need high precision labeling, can also be customized. Need to know more labeling requirements, welcome to contact online customer service.
Planar labeling machine application equipment
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