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Daily chemical industry labeling solutions

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      Traditional manual labeling requires at least one label per minute, but with an automatic labeling machine, up to 60 labels per minute can improve work efficiency. On an eight-hour day, a traditional manual day would add up to 500, and an automatic labeling machine would replace the workload of five workers.
A successful case of daily chemical labeling
      Based on the current customers to use artificial labeling, inevitably exist labeling accuracy is not high and easy to blister wrinkling requirements developed cosmetic labeling machine, the automatic labeling machine can be the location of label, easy to solve this problem, and for you to solve "irregular" and "bubble" worry, cost savings from the artificial, increase profit space and convenient management. Labeling function maximizes material saving and minimizes label waste.
      Automatic vertical round bottle labeling machine is a specially designed automatic labeling equipment for round bottle labeling products. It is widely used in cosmetics, food, medicine, disinfectant water and other industries to label all kinds of cylindrical articles around/half a week, such as mineral water bottles, food packaging round bottles, medical bottles and so on. If you choose to match the character marking machine, you can print the production batch number at the same time. It has the advantages of cleanliness, mildew, beauty, firmness and high production efficiency.
Daily chemical labeling machine equipment
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