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Pharmaceutical industry labeling solutions

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      Electronic supervision code is the Chinese government to product id given by the implementation of the electronic supervision for each product, each product of the electronic supervision code only one, that is "a yard," like products province certificate, hereinafter referred to as regulatory code, which can realize the production, circulation and consumption of the whole supervision, realize the true and false judgement, quality traceability and recall management and follow-up, and other functions, can be convenient for the jewelry, agricultural materials, such as special product code.
      The advantages and functions of electronic supervision codes can be summarized into three aspects: 1. For consumers to check the authenticity and quality of products; 2. For the government to carry out law enforcement against counterfeiting; quality traceability box product recall management; 3.
Medical labeling machine
Currently, do you still use traditional manual labeling?
      Traditional manual labeling, inevitably there are processing accuracy is not high and easy to bubble wrinkle phenomenon, automatic labeling machine can locate labeling, easy to solve this problem, and for you to solve the "untidy", "frothing" and other troubles, from labor to save the cost, increase the profit space and convenient management. Labeling function maximizes material saving and minimizes label waste.
      The electronic supervision code printing and labeling machine adopts the heat-transfer printing and assigning method (bar code printer is used for printing and automatic labeling machine is used for labeling). Increase the production process in the process of production packaging, low cost, do not increase labor costs, save printing costs.
      Bogao logo technology is mainly aimed at the current demand in the pharmaceutical market developed, electronic regulatory code printing labeling machine compact and reasonable, simple and beautiful appearance, simple and convenient labeling. It is mainly used for label printing and packaging of various industries. Self-adhesive roll label paper is adopted, and the label is rolled to finish the process of labeling. Self-adhesive label machine has the advantages of cleanliness, no mildew, good appearance, firm, and high production efficiency.
Pharmaceutical industry labeling solutions
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