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Always insist on doing fine, do a bit of others have not don

Time:2019-10-22 Views:4002 Publish:
      In the market have their own products are aware of the role of labeling machine, but for the general small enterprises, generally will not be equipped with labeling machine maintenance personnel, but the machine equipment in the work of problems and how to do? For them, can only seek help from labeling machine enterprises. At this time, if the after-sales service of the enterprise cannot solve the problem for them, jue will be a very painful thing for them.
Bo gao labeling machine factory
      In order to better serve customers, shenzhen bogao sign company has set its principles and attitude for its staff in many aspects. We all know the importance of time to the enterprise. When the labeling machine fails, how to solve problems for customers in Di has become the top priority in all bogao‘s work. At present, the service engineer of bogao sign is on call 24 hours a day. He will contact the customer within 15 minutes after receiving the service information and explain the solution to the customer by phone. If the relevant problem cannot be solved here, he needs to go to the site. The time from receiving the service information to arriving at the failure site of the labeling machine: no more than 2 hours in the surrounding areas of shenzhen, no more than 12 hours across regions, no more than 24 hours across provinces (no more than 16 hours across regions and no more than 48 hours across provinces in northwest China). In addition, the service engineer of the labeling machine shall not leave the site until the fault of the labeling machine is solved. In case of special circumstances, the service engineer shall leave the site with the permission of the customer.
      The quick response time of bogor logo greatly improves the trust of customers, because bogor truly considers and solves problems from the perspective of customers. Now, the market on bogao logo praise more and more, which also promoted the bogao labeling machine manufacturers welcome and love.
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