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The reason and solution of label falling off and broken label of automatic labeling machine...
Automatic labeling machine label bottom paper cut is one of the reasons that cause label breakage. One obvious phenomenon of this problem is that the fracture is very neat. Upon careful observation, you can find that the label bottom paper has obvious cut marks. The wrong bottom paper material will also cause the label to break. The standard labeling machine labels are all glassine, and the bottom paper of the coated paper will be broken due to insufficient strength of the bottom paper.
Precautions for maintenance of round bottle labeling machine conveyor belt
1. The conveyor belt of the round bottle labeling machine should not be adjusted too tight. If it is too tight, it will increase the wear of the conveyor belt. 2. When placing products on the conveyor belt, do not use very large gravity to avoid the increased load of the conveyor belt. 3. Please keep the conveyor belt of the round bottle labeling machine clean, and check whether there are obstacles in time. If there are any, please clean it up in time. Of wear. 4. When the conveyor belt is working, you need to pay attention to whether it is misaligned. If it is misaligned, please adjust the position of the conveyor belt in time to avoid uneven load....
The reason and treatment method of round bottle labeling machine not labeling
The round bottle labeling machine is an automatic labeling equipment specially designed for labeling round bottle products. It is widely used in cosmetics, food, medicine, disinfectant and other industries to label various cylindrical items in a week or half, such as Labeling of mineral water bottles, food packaging round bottles, medical bottles, etc.; if the optional character coding machine is selected, the production batch number can be printed at the same time of labeling.
The quality of the labeling machine is our most important issue
The quality of the labeling machine is for the survival of an enterprise. The enterprise takes science and technology as the driving force and strives for survival by quality. Therefore, quality is the goal that the enterprise always pursues.
What is the function of the labeling mechanism of the labeling machine
There are many types of overriding agencies, and many materials can be selected. But they will choose soft materials, such as rubber rollers, brushes, sponge wheels, etc. In all types of labeling machines, the labeling mechanism of the round bottle labeling machine has rubber roller positioning type and belt rolling type. Others, such as flat labeling machine, side labeling machine, can choose the form of brush, sponge wheel, sponge baffle for labeling.
Can the round bottle labeling machine only label round bottles?
Round bottle labeling machine is a machine specially manufactured for cylindrical products, collectively referred to as round bottle labeling machine. Not only for round bottles, as long as cylindrical products that can stand up meet the labeling requirements, round bottle labeling machines can be used. Round bottle labeling machines are suitable for cylindrical labeling, but not limited to pure cylinders, and can be slightly tapered. Cylinder. Our common mineral water, beverages and cans are the standard labeling products of our round bottle labeling machine....
Application range of round bottle labeling machine
The round bottle labeling machine is an automatic labeling equipment specially designed for round bottle labeling. It can be used for full circle/half circle, front and back double label labeling of various cylindrical items, such as food cans, cosmetic round bottles, and medicine. Labeling of bottles, etc.; if equipped with a character coding machine, it can realize labeling and printing production batch number and other information at the same time, single label and double label can be applied, the distance between front and back double labels can be adjusted flexibly; with conical bottle labeling function ; Optional circumferential positioning detection device can realize labeling at the specified position on the circumferential surface....
What is the relationship between the self-adhesive label viscosity and the warped edge of automatic labeling machine...
If the adhesive label is not enough or label glue distribution balance is very easy to cause warping phenomenon, then how to solve this problem?
Beverage round bottle labeling machine label crooked how to deal with?
Generally speaking, if the beverage round bottle labeling machine is used again, there will be two problems: either the pressure wheel of the equipment and the product are not in a vertical state, or the size of the taper eventually leads to the label skew.
What are the requirements of automatic labeling machines for labels?
1. The distance between the label and the label is 2-4mm; 2. The label is 2mm away from the edge of the bottom paper; 3. The bottom paper of the label is made of glassine material. This kind of bottom paper has good toughness to prevent breaking (to avoid cutting the bottom paper) ; 4. The inner diameter of the winding core is 76mm, and the outer diameter is less than 260mm, arranged in a single row.
How about the speed of the automatic round bottle labeling machine?
Now the labeling machine technology is mature and high-end advanced, and the quality is guaranteed. The speed of each type of labeling machine is different. It is recommended that you choose the automatic round bottle labeling machine you need according to the output of the product you want to label.
Round bottle fixed labeling machine
Round bottle fixed-point positioning labeling machine belongs to special labeling equipment, which can be used for positioning and labeling of all cylindrical/half-round, front and back double labels, such as food cans, cosmetic round bottles, medical bottles, etc.
How to choose round bottle labeling machine correctly
If the product size: ¢30 ≤ product diameter ≤ ¢100mm; 30 ≤ product height ≤290mm; labeling accuracy: ± 1mm; labeling speed: 20 ~ 60 pieces / minute range, you can choose Bogo BG- 612 automatic vertical round bottle labeling machine. It is suitable for all-round/half-round and double-front labeling of various cylindrical objects, such as labeling of food cans, cosmetic round bottles, and medicine bottles.
Labeling process of automatic round bottle labeling machine
The fully automatic positioning round bottle labeling machine is a round bottle labeling machine specially designed for labeling special position requirements. It can be used for positioning and labeling of all round/half round and front and back of various cylindrical objects. Such as the positioning and labeling of food cans, cosmetic round bottles, medicine bottles, etc.; if it is equipped with a word coding machine, it can realize the simultaneous printing of production batch numbers and other information. It can be labeled with single and double labels, and the distance between the front and back double labels can be Flexible adjustment; with conical bottle labeling function....
Precautions for automatic round bottle labeling machine
During the use of the round bottle labeling machine, the appearance of some small problems is inevitable. We cannot always go to the technical staff. For example, some common faults, we can solve it by learning ourselves. How to make the labeling machine produce better results is related to the installation of the label paper in addition to the reason of the machine itself, so it is very important to install the labeling paper to the automatic labeling machine correctly, so the editor Tell everyone what you need to pay attention to during the installation of label paper....
A simple fault treatment method for automatic card surface labeling machine
When the card automatic plane labeling machine fault, how should we solve it? Here for you to introduce: labeling machine failure, most of the time is caused by improper human operation, part of the aging parts, summed up can be divided into the following points:
Automatic round bottle labeling electromechanical eye setting
The round labeling machine moves the label to the label interval (generally 2mm gap) when the label is pulled out. This position can be detected and recognized by the electrical sensor. The electrical sensor sends a signal to the PLC, and the PLC controls the stop action. . The working principle of the standard tester is: when the electric eye is at the standard interval, the detection signal sent by the electric eye can pass through the backing paper and be captured by the signal collection end. Therefore, it is recommended that customers use glassine bottom paper to meet the requirements of the electric eye....
Common faults and treatment methods of automatic vertical round bottle labeling machine...
The automatic round bottle labeling machine is a very good labeling machine of our company, which can be used for full-round/half-round, double-labeling of front and back of various cylindrical objects, such as food cans, cosmetic round bottles, medicine bottles, etc. Labeling; if another ribbon coding machine is provided, the batch number and other information can be printed at the same time. It has also been evaluated very well by customers. But in the process of use, due to debugging and improper operation or other reasons, there will be some small problems. Let‘s make a simple analysis and treatment method for these small problems....
Round bottle labeling machine maintenance and maintenance
1. Before starting the machine, you must first check whether there is debris on the conveyor belt of the labeling machine. 2. Check whether the power supply and air supply are normal. 3. Drain the water inside the air compressor. 4. Check the parts of the machine that are easy to loose, and if it is loose, it should be fastened in time. 5. Check whether the device sensor is normal.
How to solve the problem that the label of the round bottle labeling machine is misaligned...
The labeling machine‘s labeling accuracy deviation is mainly unstable due to the installation tension of the label tape, the label tape is not parallel to the product conveying direction, the traction wheel is not tensioned enough or slips, the product detection is inaccurate, the label is covered by the label, the product size error, etc. Main factors
How to solve the leakage defect after the automatic labeling machine labeling?
To solve this problem is relatively simple, the following is a brief introduction of the three detection methods: a set of detection and elimination devices are installed at the back end of the labeling machine, and a set of detection electric eye system is used to detect whether the product is labeled or not. When the product is not labeled, the missing products are removed. This method is also the most cost-effective way to use equipment to detect. The stripping mechanism can also be designed according to the weight, for example, plastic empty bottles we can use the way of blowing out. Heavier ones can be used in cylinders....
Labeling machine position and angle adjustment of labeling machine
1. Up and down position adjustment of the head, adjustment steps: turn the hand wheel 1, adjust the label stripping module to achieve the up and down position of the labeling machine label to the product. 2 Left and right position adjustment, adjustment steps: turn the hand wheel 2, adjust the module to achieve the left and right position of the labeling head, as shown in Figure 2.
What causes bar code real-time printing labeling machine to occasionally not print?...
The newly bought bar code printer accessories generally will not appear problems, generally may appear is the consumables installation method and the driver installation setup problem. 1. Wrong installation of barcode carbon label paper, please follow the steps above in the attached quick installation guide to re-install barcode carbon label paper. 2. Drive installation setting: It may also occur in the paper calibration and paper size setting, with the phenomenon of skipping paper or white paper. Just set the paper size and print file size of the printer driver to be the same as the actual label paper size, then correct the paper to solve the problem....
How to deal with bar code printing label machine printing content is not clear
Barcode printing labeling machine in print, will make the customers encounter a few problems, such as barcode printing labeling printing machine have burrs will appear when the font is not clear, sometimes will also meet customer response barcodes printed effect is not clear, and the machine is new, many people‘s first reaction is to the quality of the printer problem, in fact, most of the time to do the following and check will be able to solve this problem! How can we solve it in time?
How to load the real - time printing label machine?
First of all, it is necessary to understand the composition structure of the printer. The printer is a bar code printing equipment. The label feeder is responsible for providing labels and recovering the bottom paper, and is the core part of the label printer. It is mainly composed of loose coil, drive roller, loose coil buffer, press roller, strip plate and bottom paper recovery buffer. And printing equipment and we use the industrial grade bar code printer is the same, many labeling machine products is to choose these bar code machine for printing label equipment, so in the installation of label paper above is actually the same, the following steps to introduce the installation....
Double folding precision of wire labeling machine
The problem of overlap error of double fold labels has been solved. Several major problems occurred when the folding label was automatically pasted on the automatic labeling machine:
Automatic labeling machine stickers adhesive labels appear how to warp?
Some time ago there was a customer, feedback asked self-adhesive label appeared warped how to do? This customer is a year to come to our shenzhen bo high buy labeling machine, always cooperation is very happy, they are initially determined according to his description of our company the use of the problem, then sent technical personnel to their enterprise to observe, sure enough when we observe their workers in the operation of the graph save trouble, omitted some steps with the result that the phenomenon become warped standard and then our technology will help them solve the problem in a timely manner, sums up after you come back to me about how to solve the problem of marking machine become warped phenomenon of the way, here shenzhen bo high identity to share....
How to use automatic label stripping machine?
The automatic label stripping machine is used for the automatic stripping of labels. After the stripped label is taken, the next label will be automatically stripped to improve the efficiency of workers‘ access to labels. Multiple rows of labels can be stripped at one time. It is suitable for marking on toy assembly line, food packaging assembly line and electronic products assembly line. So how does this device work?
Adjustment method of electrical eye for labeling machine
Because the position of the test object electric eye is related to the timing of the label, so it is necessary to adjust its position, different sizes of bottles need different positions, if the position of the test object electric eye empress dowager, will appear out of the label too early, resulting in labeling before, or even less than the label. If the position of the electrical eye is too much before the test, the label will appear too late, causing the phenomenon of the label askew or the queen mother. (the front and back are based on the man-machine interface faced by the operator, and the forward direction of the bottle on the conveyor belt is the front)....
How to adjust the effect of automatic labeling machine
Some automatic labeling machine came with the with the variety of the fault, all but after inspection found that the parts are not damaged or aging phenomenon, in this case will most likely need to debug the equipment, the following Po high logo will carefully explain for everybody fully automatic labeling machine adjustment method.
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