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How to solve the problem that the label of the round bottle labeling machine is misaligned

Time:2020-07-11 Views:3829 Publish:
      The labeling machine‘s labeling accuracy deviation is mainly unstable due to the installation tension of the label tape, the label tape is not parallel to the product conveying direction, the traction wheel is not tensioned enough or slips, the product detection is inaccurate, the label is covered by the label, the product size error, etc. The main factors are related. If the labeling accuracy is not enough, check the above factors and make targeted solutions.
      1. Check whether the label plate is loose, and if it is loose, adjust the locking.
      2. Check the output angle of the labeling head so that the label direction is parallel to the product transport direction.
      3. Check whether the labeling is uniform. If there is any unevenness, adjust the parallelism of the bottom encapsulation shaft and adjust the parallel.
      4. Loosen the traction mechanism, pull back and forth of the label back and forth to see if it is smooth, let it go straight, and lock the traction mechanism after the label is straight.
      5. Check whether the traction is slipping, and lock the traction mechanism to observe whether the label paper can be smoothly pulled without slipping.
      6. Check the product error. If the product quality is not good, it will cause the label to deviate.
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