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Common faults and treatment methods of automatic vertical round bottle labeling machine

Time:2020-07-11 Views:3476 Publish:
      The automatic round bottle labeling machine is a very good labeling machine of our company, which can be used for the full-round/half-round and front-back double-labeling of various cylindrical objects, such as food cans, cosmetic round bottles, medical bottles, etc. Labeling; if another ribbon coding machine is provided, the batch number and other information can be printed at the same time. It has also been evaluated very well by customers. But in the use process due to debugging and improper operation or other reasons, there will be some minor problems. Let‘s make a simple analysis and processing method for these minor problems.
      1. Label bottom paper breakage: The bottom paper breakage is related to the scratching of the bottom paper during label traction, the quality of the bottom paper of the label and the adhesion of the label.
      ① Check whether the backing paper is scratched. If the backing paper is scratched, remove the scratching factor in time.
      ②Check whether the backing paper is damaged. If the backing paper is damaged, you need to replace the backing paper with good quality.
      ③If the label station is connected, the label is easy to tear. Control the length of the next label to ensure that it is not stuck to the product with the label.
      2. The labeling position is not allowed:
      ① The pressure gauge device may not be compressed, resulting in looseness of the gauge tape and inaccurate detection of the measured object. Just adjust the pressure tape device.
      ② It may be that the traction mechanism is slipping or not pressed tightly, so that the label bottom paper cannot be taken away smoothly. Check the tension of the traction mechanism.
      3. Deviation of labeling accuracy of labeling machine: Mainly unstable installation tension with label tape, label tape and product conveying direction are not parallel, traction wheel is not tensioned enough or slipping, product detection is inaccurate, eye label deviation, product size error Waiting for several main factors, if the labeling accuracy is not enough, check the above factors and then make targeted solutions.
      ①Check whether the label plate is loose, if there is any looseness, adjust the locking,
      ② Check the output angle of the labeling head to make the label direction parallel to the product transportation direction.
      ③ Check whether the traction is slipping, and lock the traction mechanism to observe whether the label paper can be smoothly pulled without slipping.
      ④Relax the traction mechanism, pull the label back and forth to see if it is smooth, let it go straight, and lock the traction mechanism after the label is straight.
      ⑤Check whether the label is uniform, if there is any unevenness, adjust the parallelism of the bottom plastic coating axis, just adjust the parallel
      ⑥ Check the product error, the poor quality of the product will also cause the label to deviate.
      4. Continuous bidding:
      ①Continuous marking and incomplete marking are related to the detection sensitivity of electric eye, just adjust the sensitivity of electric eye.
      ②If the adjustment of the electric eye still cannot be solved, it may be that the label is beyond the selection range of the label, or the electric eye is damaged.
      ③ Another reason is that the strap is off-center, and the electric eye does not detect the label, just adjust the electric eye to the detection position.
      5. Slack of the bottom paper at the peeling mark: The slack of the bottom paper is related to the belt pressing device, the traction speed is too low, and the traction mechanism slips.
      ①Check whether the belt pressing device is tight, if not, just press it tightly.
      ②If the traction speed is too low, it can be solved by increasing the traction speed.
      ③If the traction mechanism slips, tighten the locking screw of the traction roller until the bottom paper does not slip
      Through the inspection and processing of the above steps, the common faults of the automatic round bottle labeling machine can be better solved.
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