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A simple fault treatment method for automatic card surface labeling machine

Time:2020-07-14 Views:3516 Publish:
      When the card automatic plane labeling machine fault, how should we solve it? Here I would like to introduce to you:
      The failure of labeling machine is often caused by improper human operation and aging of some parts. It can be summarized into the following points:
Fully automatic flat card labeling machine
      1. Inaccurate labeling;
      The inaccuracy of labeling can be summarized in two aspects. One is that the fixed labeling position deviates from the actual labeling position. The reasons are as follows: the screws in the fixed position become loose and shift. The label used does not meet the requirements of the labeling machine. Secondly, the position of the labeling head is deviated, which results in the inaccuracy of embedding in the labeling process.
      2, the card automatic plane labeling machine continuous labeling, or no labeling;
      The reasons are as follows: parameter setting is wrong. In the same cycle, set labels of two cycles, resulting in the duplication of labels. The reason for not labeling is that the labeling head lubricating oil is not enough, which results in great friction during the equipment operation and makes labeling stuck. Or for parts aging, should immediately replace aging parts, to avoid a series of chain reactions.
      3. The labeling machine stops suddenly or intermittently during work;
      This problem is relatively serious, should immediately check whether the parameter error, power line short circuit, internal parts problems, if the parameter error, you can according to the user manual debugging, if the latter two cases, please urgently carry out after-sales service to solve.
      Solve the small problems encountered by the special card automatic plane labeling machine, familiar with the working principle of the equipment, master the basic detection and maintenance technology, effectively save the repair time.
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