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Precautions for automatic round bottle labeling machine

Time:2020-07-15 Views:3471 Publish:
      During the use of the round bottle labeling machine, the appearance of some small problems is inevitable. We cannot always go to the technical staff. For example, some common faults, we can solve it by learning ourselves. How to make the labeling machine       produce better results is related to the installation of the label paper in addition to the reason of the machine itself, so it is very important to install the labeling paper to the automatic labeling machine correctly, so the editor Tell everyone what you need to pay attention to during the installation of label paper.
      1. When installing the label roll, ensure that the pressure on the label is appropriate. Excessive pressure will cause the label to be misplaced during labeling, and will cause wear on some components;
      2. The label backing paper should have a distance of 0.5mm-1mm from the bottom correction ring, and keep it parallel to the horizontal direction. If the label backing paper is tangent to the correction ring, it will cause the label backing paper to be scratched and the labeling position will be inaccurate.
      3. After the label is installed, the traction mechanism and the pressure marking rubber must be locked.
      4. After installing the label, ensure that the label is aligned;
      The above points are the things you need to pay attention to when installing label paper for the automatic round bottle labeling machine. I hope to help you!

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