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Round bottle fixed labeling machine

Time:2020-07-16 Views:3607 Publish:
      Round bottle fixed-point positioning labeling machine belongs to special labeling equipment, which can be used for positioning and labeling of all cylindrical/half-round, front and back double labels, such as food cans, cosmetic round bottles, medical bottles, etc.
      Features of positioning and labeling equipment:
      First: single label can be attached all week and symmetrical double label can be attached, the front and back double standard distance can be flexibly adjusted;
      Second: dedicated to the precise use of round bottles and tapered round bottles;
      Third: Reciprocating cylinder positioning products can be accurately labeled at a fixed point at the specified position of the product.
      Fourth: Synchronous rubber wheel stepless speed regulating bottle-separating mechanism, can set the bottle-separating distance at will
      Fifth: The adjustment is simple. It is equipped with front and back, left and right and up and down directions, plane inclination and vertical inclination adjustment seats. There is no dead angle for different bottle shapes, and the adjustment is simple and quick;
      Sixth: Sturdy and hygienic, mainly made of stainless steel and high-grade aluminum alloy, with strong quality and meeting GMP production requirements;
      Seventh: touch screen control, human-computer interaction interface has operation teaching function, parameter modification is intuitive and clear, and various function switching is simple;
      The advantages of positioning labeling equipment:
      First: the spacing between bottles can be set arbitrarily;
      Second: can be labeled at the designated location of the product;
      Third: Imported well-known electrical appliances from abroad, the servo drive is accurately labeled;
      Fourth: replace the labels of different lengths without manual adjustment of the position of the photoelectric frame.
      Fifth: with automatic shutdown function, production counting function, power saving function (when there is no production within the set time, the device automatically switches to the power saving standby state) production number setting prompt function
      parameter setting protection function (parameter setting is divided into authority management ), to facilitate production management.
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