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Beverage round bottle labeling machine label crooked how to deal with?

Time:2020-07-18 Views:3798 Publish:
      After more than ten years of equipment manufacturing, we often hear that users will respond to some problems when applying the equipment. Today, as a manufacturer of Bogao identification technology, when we apply the automatic beverage round bottle labeling machine, if there is a label deviation, we should be able to quickly deal with it by ourselves.
      Generally speaking, when the beverage round bottle labeling machine is used again, there will be two problems:
Beverage round bottle labeling machine
      Either the press wheel and the product of the equipment are not in a vertical state, or the different taper sizes eventually lead to label skew.
      This kind of problem is also easy to solve. When the product is not perpendicular to the pressing wheel, we can adjust the pressing wheel to be parallel to the product. If it is still not perpendicular after the adjustment, then we need to adjust its taper. If the taper is in the groove of the equipment, the product taper of the round bottle labeling machine can be changed by moving the glue. Too large or too small taper will cause the label to skew, so the adjustment needs to be carried out slowly and tested.
      Another situation is how to deal with the label folding during the labeling period of the beverage round bottle labeling machine. In general, this situation is because the front end is too far away from the product. At this time, we can adjust the label sticker forward by a few millimeters.
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