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What is the relationship between the self-adhesive label viscosity and the warped edge of automatic labeling machine

Time:2020-07-18 Views:5930 Publish:
      Automatic labeling machine has always been an indispensable part of the production stage of the enterprise, it is the enterprise and the identity of the product proof. Today, bo High label factory small make up for you to explain the relationship between automatic label sticking machine and self-adhesive label.
      The use of self-adhesive stickers label machine labels, to label the beautiful and firm, the choice of label material is very important. In addition to suitable for the product hardness label, corner as far as possible to use the corner of the round label, reduce or avoid the sharp effect of the label. Let‘s talk about the original topic, automatic label sticking machine label warping and self-adhesive label is the relationship between the degree of stick.
      If the adhesive label is not enough or label glue distribution balance is very easy to cause warping phenomenon, then how to solve this problem?
      If the surface of the product is relatively smooth, this situation is very difficult to automatic labeling machine work, smooth surface labeling process will lead to internal content overflow, resulting in the label curled or warped, this situation should be properly adjusted to increase the transfer and cover the pressure value, so that the label after the stress more firmly.
      Check whether there is an oily substance on the surface of the labeled object. Oily substance cannot be labeled.
      When selecting labels in the early stage, the label with uniform adhesive coating and moderate hardness should be preferred.
      Control the temperature during the operation of the automatic labeling machine. The suitable temperature can increase the label activity and make it stick more firmly.
      When we use the automatic labeling machine to label the labels, if there is warping, we first check the quality of the labels and analyze whether it is because of the label adhesion that the labels turn up. It is also an important step to improve the productivity and corporate image of enterprises, which can not be ignored.
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