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Can the round bottle labeling machine only label round bottles?

Time:2020-07-23 Views:4053 Publish:
      There are various labeling machines on the market, and each model also has corresponding applicable products. For different products, labeling machine manufacturers have manufactured corresponding machines, including round bottle labeling machines and flat labeling machines. The manufacturer will recommend suitable machines for users to purchase according to their needs. So does one machine only correspond to one product? Is the round bottle labeling machine only able to label round bottles?
      Round bottle labeling machine is a machine specially manufactured for cylindrical products, collectively referred to as round bottle labeling machine. Not only for round bottles, as long as cylindrical products that can stand up meet the labeling requirements, round bottle labeling machines can be used. Round bottle labeling machines are suitable for cylindrical labeling, but not limited to pure cylinders, and can be slightly tapered. Cylinder. Our common mineral water, beverages and cans are the standard labeling products of our round bottle labeling machine. There are also some uncommon ones, such as filter elements, which can also be labeled with a round bottle labeling machine. Round bottle labeling machines are also divided into two types: positioning and non-positioning. It is determined according to the customer‘s labeling needs.
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