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What is the function of the labeling mechanism of the labeling machine

Time:2020-07-23 Views:3718 Publish:
      Labeling is to make the label stick firmly, the label will not fall off easily, and strengthen the label adhesion.
      There are many types of overriding agencies, and many materials can be selected. But they will choose soft materials, such as rubber rollers, brushes, sponge wheels, etc. In all types of labeling machines, the labeling mechanism of the round bottle labeling machine has rubber roller positioning type and belt rolling type. Others, such as flat labeling machine, side labeling machine, can choose the form of brush, sponge wheel, sponge baffle for labeling. It is worth noting, however, that when our product passes through the labeling head of the labeling machine, the label has already been applied to the product. For the flat labeling machine, the label has been applied almost before the labeling. The labeling is to further strengthen the labeling. Target adhesion. Especially when labeling on the side, for products with a curvature, the label often covers only a small part of the product, and there is no label attached to the two sides, it needs a labeling mechanism to complete it.
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