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The reason and treatment method of round bottle labeling machine not labeling

Time:2020-07-31 Views:3712 Publish:Bogao logo
      The round bottle labeling machine is an automatic labeling equipment specially designed for labeling round bottle products. It is widely used in cosmetics, food, medicine, disinfectant and other industries to label various cylindrical items in a week or half, such as Labeling of mineral water bottles, food packaging round bottles, medical bottles, etc.; if the optional character coding machine is selected, the production batch number can be printed at the same time of labeling.
      The round bottle labeling machine avoids a series of problems such as manual labeling, low film efficiency, skewed attachment, blistering and wrinkles, irregular attachment positions, etc.; then when operating the round bottle labeling machine, round bottle labeling may occur If the labeling machine fails to apply the label,
      The reason why the round bottle labeling machine fails to apply the label:
      ①The bidding speed is too slow, increase the bidding speed
      ②The reserved label is not long enough, adjust the length of the reserved label
      ③The electric eye of the test object is too far away from the end of the standard, the interval is too small, increase the speed of the entrainment belt
      Treatment method for round bottle labeling machine not labeling:
      1. Increase the viscosity of the label. To achieve this effect, the solution:
      (1) Improve the surface quality of the pasted products. The surface of most products is too smooth, which will increase the difficulty of labeling;
      (2) Increase the labeling pressure during the labeling process;
      (3) Increase the labeling temperature. It will improve the labeling effect, because as the temperature rises, the activity of the substance inside the product will increase, making it easier to put the label on;
      (4) Increase the number of times of labeling, such as rolling twice when applying the labeling method.
      2. Use soft label materials as much as possible, and good label ductility will greatly improve label warping.
      3. Change the method of making stickers. One is that it can be made with a more viscous sol, the other is to change the label production process, etc.;
      4. Eliminate the influence of static electricity. The labeling process is prone to static electricity, which will have an impact on the labeling effect. Appropriately increasing the humidity of the labeling site will improve it to a certain extent. The use of ion fans is also an effective solution.
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