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The reason and solution of label falling off and broken label of automatic labeling machine

Time:2020-08-08 Views:3806 Publish:Bogao logo
      In the process of our operation and use of the labeling machine, occasionally there will be problems with labels falling off or broken labels, so when these problems occur, how to find the causes and solve them? Below Bogao will solve it one by one for everyone
      1. The problem with the label itself  
      The cut of the bottom paper of the label is a cause of label breaking. One obvious phenomenon of this problem is that the fracture is very neat. Upon careful observation, it can be found that the bottom paper of the label has obvious cut marks.
      The wrong material of the bottom paper of the label will also cause the label to break. The standard labeling machine labels are all glassine, and the bottom paper of the coated paper will be broken due to insufficient strength of the bottom paper.
      Another label break caused by the knife edge is due to the crooked assembly of the peeling plate. The knife edge is not level, which causes the label to be unevenly cut when passing the knife edge, which will also cause the label to be broken.
      2. The problem of tensioning mechanism  
      In the entire header part, the purpose of the tensioning mechanism is to ensure that the label can be separated from the stripping plate relatively uniformly and stably during the traction movement. For this purpose, the tensioning of the label needs to ensure a certain degree of strength. When the force is too large, it will also cause the label to break, which can be solved by reducing the force of pressing the label and the elastic force of the brake lever.
      3. The problem of peeling off the target board  
      In addition to the problem of the label itself, the label breakage is mainly concentrated on the stripping board,   
      One of the most important reasons is that the peeling target is too sharp. The peeling target is made by sheet metal machining, and the main cutting edge is too large. The main processing method is to manually polish the cutting edge. , Just make the transition at the knife edge smoother
      The above is an explanation of the reasons and solutions for the automatic labeling machine, the label falling off and the label broken. I hope to help you, and I want to know more about the labeling machine. Welcome to inquire.
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